Sustainable Foundations can now be used to reduce installation and  maintenance costs for sign-posts, grab-rails and bollards 

Our selection is not based on price alone, also the safety & saving aspects. Smart Sustainable foundations provide a significant cost benefit in replacing the damaged sign post by re-using the existing footing. Smart Sustainable Foundations allow the quick replacement of posts, with no further effort required to the base and reduce risk to employees by reducing time spent exposed to traffic!”  MAIN ROADS DEPT



CHS posts are now approved for use in all regions.





601.26 GENERAL

1. Sign support dimensions shall be in accordance with Drawing Nos 8720-0657, 0330- 1686, 0330-1687 and 0330-1688 and the post schedules shown on the sign drawings.

2. The gauge of rectangular hollow section (RHS) and circular hollow section (CHS) sign posts for single post signs shall be as specified in Annexure 601D.

3. Circular Hollow Section (CHS) signposts must be secured using an approved fixing device and / or sign mounting bracket as specified in Annexure 601G.

4. Flexible sign posts and / or mounting bases may be used for single post signs vulnerable to impact. Normally, the post, mounting base and sign substrate would be designed to be flexible.

Approved fixing devices are specified in Annexure 601G.


Flexible Sign Posts are defined as sign posts which deflects when impacted by a vehicle and then returns to a vertical position, without maintenance intervention. Flexible sign posts may only be used for the installation of signs that are mounted near the nose of a traffic island. The height from the ground to the top of the sign shall not exceed 1.2m. This application may typically be applied to the following signs:


a) R2-3(L or R) Keep Left/Keep Right

b) R2-5 (No U-Turn)

c) R2-15 (U-Turn Permitted)

d) MR-GT-15 (L or R) Cars Only

e) MR-HM-12 (Divisional Marker) or D4-2-2 (Bidirectional Hazard Marker)

The types of flexible posts and bases used shall be as specified in Annexure 601G.


5. Removable Sign Posts are defined as sign posts which enables the posts to be removed and reinstated from their base with specially designed tools or a lock and key arrangement without damaging either the base or post, Removable sign posts shall be used, where specified, for all removable signs on High-Wide Load corridor routes. A PVC casing arrangement and footing details for a removable sign post located in a concrete or paved area is shown in Drawing No. 9548-0106.

Removable sign posts may also be used in locations where signs are frequently hit and the removable post design enables the post to be replaced using the existing footing. Alternative types of removable sign posts used shall be as specified in Annexure 601G.





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