Sustainable foundations

The road construction industry (one of the world’s greatest polluters, second only to vehicles) has one of the largest levers to inhibit climate change through the reduction of carbon waste and ongoing consumption of concrete. Road Authorities have been setting Zero Waste targets that until now were, quite simply, impossible to achieve. The good news is.. we can help you to achieve the impossible


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Road-side infrastructure, grab-rails, bollards and traffic light columns are highly vulnerable to impact - So why not make items impact resistant? We have utlilised the latest shock -absorbing technology and the latest self-healing plastics technology, to develop a range of simple and highly reslient solutions, making valuable concrete footings re-usable impact after impact, for the entire lifespan of a development, enabling you to achieve your target of Zero Waste 



safety and efficiency


Smart Sustainable Foundations, (which eradicate the need for digging and heavy labour) were given the Department of Occupational Health and Safety Worksafe Award for eradicating the risk of body stressing (No1 cause of injury) substantially reducing time on location (No1 cause of serious injury or death) and greatly reducing the risk of workplace injury







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