Bollard Bike Path

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Low Impact High Visibility Safety Bollards are secured using the Super-flex Impact Recovery System, deflecting upon low impact such as bike riders, and slowly self recovering, reducing the risk of injury to bike riders

Secured on Smart Sustainable Foundations: substantially reducing maintenance as bollards, Impact Recovery System and surrouning foundations are re-usable impact after impact

  • 150 mm diameter Poly bollard
  • Highly visible - Safety Yellow
  • Reflective striping
  • 1200 mm high
  • Smooth finish
  • Dome cap

Price  includes Sustainable Foundations 

  • Sustainable Foundations 350/650
  • Super-flex Impact Recovery System
  • Bollards remain secure year after year
  • Bollard deflects upon impact 
  • Slowly returning to upright position
  • Reusable impact after impact
  • Internal core prevents vehicle access


Tools are required to remove the bollard from the ground socket and it can be capped off- No trip factors. Foot tool available for modified items.

Tools enable quick and efficient replacementof damaged bollards without digging or heavy labour; No disturbance to public or underground services and all work can be conducted from a standing position facing traffic. 


The Poly cover provides a soft impact surface when compared to steel, to reduce risk of injury to bike riders and reduce damage to vehicles. Secured using the Super-flex Impact Recovery System that enables the bollard to deflect up to 20 degrees upon low impact (such as bike rider) and slowly self-recover, further reducing risk of injury. 

Unlike spring loaded bollards that can over-deflect  Smart Impact Recovery Bollards have a steel internal core preventing vehicle access and stopping the bollard from deflecting beyond 20 degrees. Instead of springing back they slowly self-recover and don't wear out over time - bollards remain rigid and upright year after year.


Impact Recovery

The Impact Recovery System acts like a shock absorber, making bollards and the surrounding foundations impact resistant and re-usable impact after impact, year after year, saving thousands over the lifespan of a development. 

  • In-ground* Recommended for bike paths
  • Surface Mount