MRWA Traffic Bollards

Smart Traffic Bollards are secured on SMART SUSTAINABLE FOUNDATIONS costing a fraction to install, maintain and upgrade. Zero damage, Zero waste for the entire lifespan of a development.

Bollards remain perfectly aligned and can be quickly and efficienty removed or replaced for wide loads, emergencies, maintenance and future upgrades - keeping our roads safer year after year


Instead of spending weeks of digging and heavy labour, ground sockets can be installed by simply positioning upright when pouring foundations (creating a perfect finish). Bollards are simply dropped into position and you can install the bollards for an entire development in a single day



mrwa bollards   Unlike most removable bollards. Smart Bollards are secured using friction, remaining perfectly aligned, safe and secure year after year. For wide loads, if they grow old or are impacted, they can be quickly and efficiently removed using ergonomically designed tools (from a standing position, facing oncoming traffic)  for events, maintenance or upgrades, without disturbance. Enabling maintenance staff to achieve unprecedented levels of safety and efficiency


60 mm diameter removable bollards (as per MRWA standard drawing 200831-0014) are for use adjacent to high speed roads where access is required for emergency vehicles or oversized vehicles but you want to prevent access to the general public. 

An example of this is the oversize vehicle turnaround bay on Roe Hwy just north of Great Eastern Hwy, the bollards prevent members of the general public from performing an illegal U-turn but allow oversized vehicles to travel from Roe Hwy northbound to Great Eastern Hwy eastbound without going under the bridge. 

The support vehicles for the oversized load will remove and replace the bollards when necessary.  They must be 60 mm diameter with a 2.9 mm wall thickness (as per the standard drawing) as that is considered frangible for speeds of 80 km/h and greater.

60 mm mrwa bollards

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Smart Sustainable Foundations are designed and manufactured in Australia.  International Patent pending and Trademarked