MRWA Traffic Bollards

Sustainable roads and pavements


Smart Traffic Bollards are secured on Smart Sustainable Foundations,  costing a fraction to install, maintain and upgrade. Bollards remain perfectly aligned and can be quickly and efficienty removed or replaced for wide loads, emergencies, maintenance and future upgrades- keeping our roads safer year after year



Installations are fast & efficient 

Bollards and/or ground sockets can be installed when pouring foundations (creating a perfect finish). Secured using friction, bollards remain safe and secure year after year

Instead of taking days or weeks of digging and heavy labour, traffic management and concrete supplies, bolllards are simply dropped into position - you can install the bollards for an entire development in a single day, enabling construction teams to achieve unprecetedted levels of safety and efficiency



Replacements are fast & efficient 

Bollards can only be removed using tools provided. Tool is used to lever post from ground socket. Works every time - even if bollard is flattened or sheared off.

Increasing safety and efficiency as bollards are quickly removed, replaced or even relocated in seconds for events, maintenance or upgrades, without disturbance. Enabling maintenance staff to achieve unprecetedted levels of safety and efficiency





sustainable concrete footings

sustainable foundations

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