Impact Recovery Rings

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There are three options for Impact Recovery Rings 

1. Standard Impact Recovery Rings (60 mm core)
2. Super-flex Impact Recovery Rings (60 mm core)
3. Sure Stop Impact Recovery Rings  (114 mm core)


 (2 Rings required per bollard/ 4 for sure-stop bollards). Each ring includes a heavy duty securing clamp to secure ring to internal core


Standard Impact Recovery Rings ensure bollards remain rigid and only deflect upon impact from vehicle, slowly self-recovering impact after impact. Suitable for securing:


Super-flex Impact Recovery Rings deflect upon low impact such as bike rider slowly self-recovering impact after impact. Suitable for securing:



Sure-stop Impact Recovery Rings are used to secure the Sure-stop Bollard designed for am-raid situations, bollards are secured on large 200 mm foundations and use a below ground and above ground shock absorbing mechanism an a large 114 mm solid steel core.