Impact Recovery Rings

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2 Rings required per bollard. Each ring includes a securing clamp to secure ring to internal core. There is a Super-flex option available

Impact Recovery Rings 

Re-usable Impact Recovery Rings ensure bollards remain rigid and only deflect upon impact from vehicles, slowly self-recovering impact after impact. Select the size ring to suit the size bollard you wish to secure. 

    Super-flex Impact Recovery Rings

    Super-flex are more flexible, made for bike paths, these Super-flex rings enable bollards to deflect upon low impact such as bike rider slowly self-recover, impact after impact. Suitable for securing 150 mm Diameter Poly Bollards only


    Safe-Stop & Sure-Stop Options

    If you wish to prevent bollard from bending upon impact (Safe- Stop option) you simply increase the strength of the internal core. For more severe impacts (such as ram-raid situations) refer to Sure-stop Bollards