Sustainable Foundations 60 mm

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To secure 50 NB/60 OD posts, road-side infrastructure, bollards, barriers and street furniture. Approved Nationally. 

Unit includes

  • 1 Ground socket (350 mm depth)
  • 1 Re-usable Self-locking Taper
  • 1 Cap 
  • Self-drilling screws

Packaged in boxes of 25 units

Smart Tools - Worksafe

All work is performed from a standing position using ergonomically designed tools


You can reduce depth to as shallow as 150 mm on-site, or purchase a second ground socket to extend depth to 650 mm + 

Additional sockets and tapers can be purchased to install multiple items in same location, or install items in multiple locations. 


Approved Nationally.
Main Roads WA Approved. Refer SPEC 601 

Securing Large Bollards

Large diameter bollards can be secured on the Smart Sustainable Foundations using the Impact Recovery System.