Bollard Sure-stop

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High Impact Sure-stop Bollards are designed to bring a vehicle to a stop and preserve the expensive footings
  • Heavy Duty
  • Beautiful Bollards
  • Stainless Steel HD Pipe 
  • 168 mm Diameter
  • 1200H
  • Flat cap
  • Reflective Stripe (optional)
  • Lighting (optional)

Sure-stop heavy duty bollards are secured on large diameter self-healing Smart Sure-stop foundations (using shock absorbing rings to absorb vehicle impact and protect footing from damage).

How it works

Sure-stop heavy duty bollards are secured on Smart Sure-stop foundations (designed to absorb vehcile impact and protect footing from damage).

Above ground the bollard is protected using the Impact Recovery System (with a smaller deflection range than the standard Impact Recovery Bollards, of 12 degrees) protecting the bollard from damage, making it removable and re-usable impact after impact


You can core drill a hole in existing concrete or dig hole and pour concrete to secure the ground socket. Once installed it looks just like a surface mount bollard

  • You can install Smart Sure-Stop shock absorbing ground socket directly in the concrete footing simply by using the installation tool to position upright and check alignment before concrete cures. Remove tool and install bollard.
  • We suggest using a reo-cage assembly to reinforce foundations if you believe bollard may be subject to severe impact or in ram-raid situations

Refer to Installation guide for details.


200 mm Diameter impact resistant self-healing ground socket x 500 mm depth. A solid steel core 114 mm diameter is used to stop a vehicle and 2 x Impact Recovery Rings are used to protect bollard and 2 x shock absorbing Rings are used to protect the foundations from damage making both the bollard and the expensive footings re-usable.