Bollard Steel Surface Mount

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Surface Mount bollard with round base plate

  • 150 NB/165 OD
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Quality Powder Coated
  • High Vis Safety Yellow
  • Reflective striping
  • Round Base plate
  • 1200 H
  • Australian Made

Can be made in other colours (min 6 Bollards). We make the base plate more resistant to impact by making it round, but when impacted, something's gotta give! We have developed a sustainable alternative


High quality Heavy duty bollard made from heavy Duty 5 mm Australian steel, quality powder coating to improve durability and resistance to scratching. 

A round base plate with evenly spaced holes, which evenly distributes the impact force reducing risk of damage when bollards are impacted by vehicles (as opposed to square base plates that place the entire impact force on one bolt or corner of the base plate). 

When a surface mount bollard is impacted either the bollard bends or base plate is damaged or bolts rip from the ground, either way, both need replacing. A bollard impacted just once every two years will cost around $50,000,00 over the life of a development. 

Sustainable Alternative

Select "SM_Sustainable" (Price is for bollard only- Base plate and Impact Recovery rings purchased separately)

Surface mount bollards can be secured using a Smart shock absorbing mechanism, making both the base plate and bollard re-usable impact after impact, saving thousands over the lifespan of a development