Stainless Steel Surface Mount


Simply smarter more sustainable Surface Mount Bollards are re-usable impact after impact
  • Heavy Duty Bollards
  • Stainless Steel HD Pipe 
  • Surface Mount 
  • 168 mm Diameter
  • 1200H
  • Flat cap
  • Reflective Stripe (optional)
  • HD Base plate

Bollards can be surface mounted using the Impact Recovery System making the bollard and surrounding foundations re-usable impact after impact, saving thousands over the lifespan of a development



Sorry for the inconvenience. We are currently revising our pricing. 



  • Surface Mount Stainless steel 168 Pipe Bollard 1000L
    (includes welded base plate - not re-usable) 
  • Impact Recovery Stainless steel 168 Pipe Bollard 1000L 
    (includes securing stud) Base plate and bollard re-usable following bad impact

Impact Recovery Bollards are surface mounted using the Impact Recovery System 


    Impact Recovery

    Impact Recovery Bollards and base plate are re-usable impact after impact.

    Bollards are rigid and will only deflect upon impact from a vehicle. The Impact Recovery system enables bollards to absorb impact from vehicle and slowly self-recover. If badly impacted the internal core may need replacing (low cost) the base plate and bollard are re-usable.





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