Sustainable Foundations


To secure 50 NB/60 OD posts, road-side infrastructure and street furniture. Approved Nationally  

 Unit includes

  • 1 Ground socket (350 mm depth)
  • 1 Re-usable Self-locking Taper
  • 1 Cap 


Packaged in boxes of 25 units

Ground sockets are 350 mm depth. You can reduce depth on site by truncating ground socket to 150 mm or using a second socket to extend depth to 650 mm or greater


Main Roads Approved. Refer Spec 601. Standard drawing 200831-0014



Items are only removable using the ergonomically designed tool that enables removal of items from a standing position facing on-coming traffic

Sheared post removal tool attachment included

Foot tool avaiable for flattened and modfied items

Installation tool available (optional)




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