Posts Removable


Secured on sustainable foundations MRWA Approved


 Tools required

NB: MRWA Maintenance Teams and all major councils in WA have removal tools


Sustainable Foundations, reduce the cost of installing and maintaining infrastructure, creating virtually maintenance-free developments


  • Zero Damage
  • Zero Waste
  • Zero On-going costs
  • Improves Safety and efficiency
  • No disturbance for maintenance
  • No costly delays or trip factors
  • Lifetime Warranty on foundations


the foundations for building a better future

Protect foundations from damage for the entire lifespan of a development. Substantially reduce the cost of installing & maintaining infrastructure.


Innovator of the Year / DOH&S Worksafe Award


Socket can be installed when laying foundations or retro-fitted and posts are simply dropped into ground socket automatically locking in securely and can only be removed using tools provided. No on-going damage, no on-going costs.

Remove using foot tool or industrial tool


Keeps working year after year, impact after impact.

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