Bollards Small Poly

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No more damage! Protect shelving and displays. Highly durable (so cute), designed for use in and around shopping centres or locations where bollards may be subject to low impact such as trolleys 

  • 150 mm Diameter
  • 7 mm Wall thickness
  • 600  mm height
  • Polyethylene Bollard
  • Rounded top
  • Low maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Grey stone look

Impact Resistant

Secured using the Super-flex Impact Recovery System that absorbs low impact allowing bollard to slowly self-recover, making bollards and surrounding foundations re-usable impact after impact year after year


  • In-ground 350 mm
  • Surface Mount
  • Other colours available (Min 6)

Bollard and surrounding foundations are re-usable impact after impact

Bollards, by their very nature, are prone to impact, but when impacted, something's got to give, so unless you use some form of shock absorbing mechanism -  you will need to replace the bollard and concrete footings impact after impact.

We have a simple solution



If you have any queries, or simply cannot find what you are looking for, contact us for a Bollard Catalogue or to speak to a consultant