Removable Bollards


Now you can secure bollards on the world's first sustainable foundations that keep working year after year- impact after impact. Bollards remain secure year after year, are easily removable, (and large diameter 150/165mm bollards become re-usable impact after impac)

  • 60 mm secured using a Smart self-locking Taper
    (Steel or stainless steel options)

  • 150/165 mm are secured using the Impact Recovery System
    (Steel or Plastic options)


  • Small diameter steel
  • Large diameter steel Impact Recovery
  • Large diameter steel Designer range
  • Large diameter Low Impact
  • Low profile (any colour or stone look)
  • Polypropylene (any colour or stone look)
  • Can be powder coated any colour
  • Reflective striping optional


All bollards secured on sustainable foundations

Make bollard impact resistant, removable and re-usable impact after impact

  • Foundations protected for entire lifespan of development
  • Absorb low speed impact from vehicles (will not deflect by hand)
  • Safely self-recover time & time again
  • If badly impacted bollard becomes re-usable
  • Smart components re-usable
  • Australian made
  • Award winning design
  • For bike paths refer to Low Impact Bollards


Tools required

Safer Low Impact Bollards

Our safety low impact bollards are secured on sustainable foundations using Super Impact Recovery Rings that enable the bollard to deflect upon impact from a bike rider, reducing risk of injury by absorbing the impact force and the bollard slowly self-recovers.


Improve safety & sustainability

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