Post Smart Keep Left


Ready to Install 

  • 1 x 60 O.D. CHS Sign-post
  • 1m High
  • 350 mm Depth/ 150 mm Depth
  • Primed and Powder Coated Safety Yellow
  • Taper attached ready to install
  • Sign attached to post
  • Re-usable brackets included
  • Spring Return option available
  • Must be quoted


Tools required


Supplied with or without ground socket (replacements) NB: Taper is removable and re-usable. Cap supplied with every unit.

Sockets can be installed when pouring foundations, creating a perfect finish (or can be retrofitted) and posts simply dropped into position, substantially improving safety and efficiency

MRWA Approved

Smart Keep Left posts can be installed from as shallow as

  • 150 mm depth in solid concrete footpaths and traffic islands
  • 350 mm Deep in paved areas


MRWA has approved the use of CHS posts for securing traffic signage in all regions (including cyclone zones). Main Roads Spec 601


MRWA maintenance teams have tools.

Items are only removable using the ergonomically designed tool that enables removal of posts from a standing position facing on-coming traffic

  • Sheared post removal tool included. 
  • Foot tool available for modfied items
  • Installation tool available (optional)


MRWA urban and SW Maintenance teams have tools

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