Pedestrian Bollard 114 mm

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We have amore durable and cheaper alternative to rigid steel.

  • White Poly Bollard
  • 114 mm O.D.
  • Strong 7 mm walls
  • Quality Red striping
  • Dome moulded cap

Two heights

  • 1650 Length (1200 H)
  • 2100 (1800 H)

* Available in other colours. Min 6 bollards. 

Highly durable polyethylene Bollards stay looking good year after year.
Far superior to traditional plastics these bollards are fade and impact resistant will not scratch or chip. Soft surface reduces risk of damage to vehicles or injury to bike riders and pedestrians and if not filled with concrete can take slow speed impact and self recover.

     Poly bollards can be concrete filled (far more durable than steel painted bollards as they will not rust out at base, fade, chip, scratch or dent) remaining looking good for years. Look just like steel bollards (placed alongside steel bollard in photo- only they look better, are more durable and more resilient to damage