Impact Recovery System


Bollards can be secured on

  • In-ground Smart Sustainable Foundations 
  • Re-usable Base Plate

The Impact Recovery System acts like a shock absorber, making 
bollards and the surrounding foundations impact resistant and re-usable impact after impact, saving thousands over the lifespan of a development.


View details user manual, specifications installation instructions and videos. Unlike most flexible bollards these are solid bollards, just like in-ground bollards, which cannot be deflected by hand and will prevent vehicle entry (doing major damage to a vehicle). If you want to stop a vehicle in its tracks for cafe strips or similar, we increase the strength of the internal core to 60 mm solid steel.



Internal posts are  removable using the ergonomically designed tool that enables removal of items from a standing position facing on-coming traffic. Foot tool avaiable for flattened and modfied internal core

Sheared post removal tool attachment included

Installation tool available (optional)




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