Resistance Core

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Simply select the depth of footing you require. 

Replacement Resistance Core available in 3 lengths

  • Surface Mount with Stud (350 Long)

  • 350 mm depth with Taper (650 Long)

  • 650 mm depth with Taper (950 Long)

Replacement Resistance Core now available without Taper (as Tapers are re-usable)

Strong 3.6 mm Steel Resistance Core

For car-parks and low speed environments. Unlike most flexible bollards, Smart Impact Recovery Bollards prevent vehicle access. The internal resistance core is 60 mm steel 3.6 mm wall thickness, providing adequate resistance to stop a vehicle at low speed.

If badly impacted (when a bollard deflects more than 20 degrees) the resistance core can be damaged and require replacing. 

Only replaceable component- Resistance Core

All other components are re-usable impact after impact, year after year. We recommend buying an additional resistance core so that you can quickly replace your bollard if badly impacted.

A protective base plate is available if you find the paving is being scuffed from continual deflection of the bollard. It simply sits beneath the bollard.