Internal Core

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Internal core of the bollard determines the resistance against impact. A medium gauge post upon low impact allows the bollard to absorb low speed impact and self recover.

Upon high impact it can bend and need replacing. You can increase the strength from 3.6 wall to a to solid steel core


Available in 3 lengths

  • Surface Mount (with stud) - No tool 

  • 350 mm depth - Industrial or foot tool

  • 650 mm depth - Industrial or foot tool

Extra strength

  • 650 mm depth solid steel - Industrial or foot tool

Standard Impact Recovery System- 3.6 Core

For carparks and low speed environments. Unlike most flexible bollards, Smart Impact Recovery Bollards prevent vehicle access. The internal core is 60 mm steel 3.6 mm wall thickness, providing adequate resistance to stop a vehicle at low speed.

If impacted by passenger vehicle at low speed bollard will absorb the impact force, deflecting and self-recovering. If badly impacted (when a bollard deflects more than 20 degrees) the internal core can be damaged and require replacing


Smart Safe-stop Option- 60 mm Solid Steel

Select Safe-Stop 60 mm solid steel core to stop a passenger vehicle travelling at low speed (such as carpark) in its tracks. Bollard absorbs initial impact then brings vehicle to a complete stop. This option will do major damage to a vehicle. Only suitable for use with 650 mm Depth Smart Sustainable Foundations