Impact Recovery Safe-stop

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Select Safe-Stop to stop a passenger vehicle travelling at low speed (such as carpark) in its tracks. Bollard absorbs initial impact then brings vehicle to a complete stop. Designed for cafe strips and shopping malls, building perimeters, and houses on busy roads, this option will do major damage to a passenger vehicle. 

  • 2 X Impact Recovery Rings
  • Solid 60 mm diameter steel Internal core
  • 650 mm Depth Smart Sustainable Foundation


 Refer to Sure-stop for ram raid situations


You can secure any steel, stainless steel or Plastic bollard (including plasma cut bollards) using this system (foundations must be 650 mm depth)

Internal core

Impact Recovery Bollard    Impact Recovery Bollards
Bollard deflects up to 20 degrees and self-recovers   When a bollard deflects more than 20 degrees the internal core bends & needs replacing


To prevent internal core from bending and bring a passenger vehicle to a stop you can increase the strength of the internal core to a solid 60 mm steel rod (only suitable for 650 mm Smart Sustainable Foundations)

Impact Recovery Bollard core