Bollard Disabled Bay

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With the introduction of Australian Standard AS2890.6 the shared common space has been adopted to provide sufficient space for side access vehicles. We can provide steel bollard but highly recommend Poly soft surface bollards.

  • 150 mm diameter steel or
  • 150 mm durable plastic bollard
  • Safety yellow
  • 1200 mm high, capped
  • Secured on sustainable foundations
  • Bollard Impact Resistant
  • Foundations protected from damage
  • Bollard is removable using tools
  • Bollard re-usable following impact
  • Rings Re-usable
  • Foundations re-usable
  • Weight 15 kg
  • Reflective Striping

Can be secured using the Impact Recovery System, making bollards impact resistant, removable and re-usable impact after impact, saving thousands over the lifespan of a development. 



No dangerous or unreliable springs- so bollards wont become floppy and cannot be deflected by hand (only deflect when impacted by vehicle) and self-recover slowly. Bollards are a height of 1.2 m so that drivers of cars backing into the space can see the bollard above the rear of the car



    Bollards are secured using the Impact Recovery System

    • In-ground 
    • Surface Mount

    The Impact Recovery System acts like a shock absorber, making bollards and the surrounding foundations impact resistant and re-usable impact after impact, year after year, saving thousands over the lifespan of a development. 



    Internal posts are  removable using the ergonomically designed tool that enables removal of items from a standing position facing on-coming traffic. Foot tool avaiable for flattened and modfied internal core

    Sheared post removal tool attachment included

    Installation tool available (optional)