Bollard Disabled Bay Steel

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With the introduction of Australian Standard AS2890.6 the shared common space has been adopted to provide sufficient space for side access vehicles. 

  • 150 mm Galvanised Steel
  • Powder Coated Safety Yellow
  • 1300 mm Length Steel
  • Reflective Striping
  • Cap


Can be secured directly in-ground (800 H/500 D) and concrete filled, but we highly recommend installing bollards  using the Impact Recovery System saving thousands over the lifetime of a development

Make bollard and surrounding foundations re-usable impact after impact

Bollards, by their very nature, are prone to impact, but when impacted, something's got to give, so unless you use some form of shock absorbing mechanism -  you will need to replace the bollard and concrete footings impact after impact.

We have a simple solution