Bollards 60 mm

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Pedestrian bollards provide a low cost protective barrier and are easily removable to allow access to authorised vehicles or for maintenance.  No more expensive maintenance - surrounding foundations remain in pristine condition for the entire lifespan of a development and bollards can be replaced in seconds

Unit includes

  • Galvanized steel bollard 60 mm O.D.  
  • Sustainable Foundations 350 mm
  • Self-locking Taper attached 
  • Capped
  • Height 900 mm
  • Primer for long-life powder coating
  • Powder coated Safety Yellow
  • Cap (for ground socket)
  • Weight 16 kg


Use drop-down menu to select

  • Bollard + Sustainable Foundation

  • Replacement Bollard

  • Spring Return Bollard

  • Reflective striping

Removal tool Required

Fast efficient Installation

Ground sockets can be installed when pouring footings and bollards simply dropped into position, automatically locking in  (only rempvable usng tools provided)

Remain safe & secure year after year

At last a bollard that continues working year after year. Unlike most bollards that cost a mint to replace when damaged or simply wear out over time becoming unsigthly- Smart Bollards remain safe and secure, perfectly aligned year after year. Will not become unstable, out of alignment, loose in socket or stuck in socket!

Low maintenance costs

If badly impacted the bollard may bend but the expensive foundations (and surrounding paving) will remain indisturbed. Bollards are simple to remove and replace in literally seconds (Taper can be removed and reused)