Bollard Poly Impact Recovery

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At last a bollard that continues working impact after impact!

Poly Bollards can be surface mounted using the Smart Impact Recovery System making both the bollard and expensive footings re-usable impact after impact Bollards remain rigid (cannot be deflected by hand) but when impacted by a vehicle they deflect up to a maximum of 20 degrees and self-recover.

  • Low Cost
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Simple to maintain
  • Self-recover


Unit includes

  • 150 mm diameter Poly bollard
  • Highly visible - Safety Yellow
  • Reflective striping
  • 1200 mm high
  • Smooth finish
  • Dome cap
  • Sustainable Foundations 

* Available in other colours, including stone look grey or brown. Min 6 bollards. 

Sustainable Foundations

  • In-ground 350 mm - 650 mm Depth
  • Surface Mount 

Impact Recovery System

  • 2 x Impact Recovery Rings
  • Heavy Duty Internal core (replaceable)

     Tools required