Bollard Plastic Stone

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Smart Polyethylene bollards provide a safe and durable alternative to solid stone or marble bollards. Far more durable than stone, at a fraction of the cost

    • Ø150
    • 1200 H
    • 1 X Durable Plastic bollard
    • Stone look (brown or grey)
    • 5 mm wall thickness
    • Dome cap

    * Available in other colours - min 6 bollards. 
      Price does not include Impact Recovery System (range of options)


    Impact Recovery Option

    Bollards are prone to impact so why aren't they impact resistant? When impacted, "something's gotta give", so unless you use some form of shock absorbing mechanism, you will need to replace the both bollard and the expensive concrete footing (or base plate) impact after impact, costing thousands over the lifespan of a development. 

     We have a simple solution