Bollard Covers-Poly

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Prolong the life of your bollards or cheap way to upgrade tired old bollards.  Covers fit over Bollards and pine logs up to 165 mm diameter. 

  • Durable Plastic Bollard Cover
    • Standard units Safety yellow but can be made in almost any colour
    • Stone look option - grey or brown
    • Impact resistant
    • Heavy Duty 6 mm Wall thickness
    • Smooth finish
    • Dome safety cap
    • Standard units 1200 H
    • 170 mm OD 


    • Reflective Striping
    • Range of colour options
    • Stainless steel and Designer Plasma cut covers also available


      Bollard covers are secured to existing bollards using padded tape provided. Once bollard cover is secured it can only be removed by drilling a small hole in the side to release the air pressure. Very fast, efficient and bollards remain secure.