Zero damage





  • ZERO Damage
  • ZERO Disturbance
  • ZERO On-going costs




  • STOP Damage
  • STOP Waste
  • STOP Disturbance
  • STOP Consumption
  • STOP Constant repairs 
  • START building a better future




The Smart ground socket is installed flush with ground level and provides an impact absorbing and self-healing protective shield between the item and the concrete foundations

100 years 

Good quality concrete can last 100 years, but rapid set can be damaged upon first impact. The lifespan of the concrete will be determined by the quality of the concrete - choose wisely


Items lock in using only friction which ensures they remain perfectly aligned year after year. No breakable components, ensures Smart Sustainable Foundations provide an unrivaled level of resilience and reliability


When impacted

When items are impacted by a vehicle the post bends at ground level. The ground socket remains undisturbed and the item can be simply levered from the ground socket using tools


Severe impacts

When items are impacted at high speed the post (from 2.3 mm walled CHS Steel to 60 mm solid steel rod ) bends at ground level (no damage to foundations) and can be removed and replaced in seconds


Sheared off  posts

When posts are flattened or sheared off at ground level - no problem, we have tools to enable simple removal of both flattened and sheared off posts. Works every time- guaranteed!






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* Innovator of the Year  * DOH&S Worksafe Award  *Made from 100% Recycled waste  

Smart Sustainable Foundations are designed and manufactured in Australia.  International Patent pending and Trademarked trademark-symbol

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