Zero damage

Smart Sustainable Foundations remain in pristine condition for the entire lifespan of a development

Developments remain in pristine condition, impact after impact, year after year. No damage to valuable concrete footings, pavements or traffic islands when items of infrastructure are damaged or require replacing. Zero on-going damage, disturbance or waste for the entire lifespan of a development. 



When items are impacted by a vehicle the post bends at ground level. The ground socket remains undisturbed and the item can be simply levered from the ground socket using tools



When items are impacted at high speed the post (from 2.3 mm walled CHS Steel to 60 mm solid steel rod ) bends more readily than at low speed. No damage to foundations.



Sheared off posts are usually a major problem, but no longer- The removal tool has an attachment to enable simple removal of both flattened and sheared off posts. 





The Smart ground socket is installed flush with ground level and provides an impact absorbing and self-healing protective shield between the item and the concrete foundations protecting the pavement from damage impact after impact. Zero on-going damage or carbon waste- zero on-going consumption of valuable carbon intensive concrete

Quality concrete can last 100 years

Concrete is the world's most dangerous material and made from finite resources that will not last forever- we urgently need to stop consuming concrete. Good quality concrete can last 100 years, but rapid set can be damaged upon impact.

The lifespan of the foundations are determined by the quality of the concrete and must be made large enough to ensure the concrete footing is not dislodged.

The socket creates a protective shield, it does not alter the size footing required to ensure it remains in position when an item is impacted. You may need a little more concrete than you do for a disposable foundations but it will last for 100 years when installed correctly.

Self-locking, no breakable components

Items lock in using only friction which ensures they remain perfectly aligned year after year. No breakable components, ensures Smart Sustainable Foundations provide an unrivaled level of resilience and reliability that will not fail. We refuse to be broken!


Works every-time, impact after impact, year after year

Because items are secured using friction and the polypropylene surface wont rust or corrode, there is no occasion when items cannot be removed (no matter how long between removals).

Flattened posts are simple to remove- you simply use the base of the removal tool like a  a crowbar to insert under the bent post and lever up to release the lock. We even have tool for sheared off posts to ensure you never need to remove a Sustainable Foundation.

NB: Even if someon has made the footing too small for the conditions and it is dislodged- you simply realign the footing and add a little more concrete to stabilise it (You should NEVER throw away a Smart Sustainable Foundation)


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Smart Sustainable Foundations are designed and manufactured in Australia. International Patent pending and Trademarked