What makes these foundations so Smart?



Good quality concrete (30MPa or greater) can last 100 years but items of roadside infrastructure will not. The Smart Sustainable Foundations create a protective shield between the item and the valuable concrete foundations, using its’ shock absorbing nature to protect the foundations from damage when items are impacted by a vehicle

Unlike traditional plastics that grow brittle over time, the Smart Sustainable Foundations are made from what is referred to as "Smart Plastic". Often called the “steel” of the plastic industry, because of its structure, isotactic polypropylene has the highest crystallinity, resulting in good mechanical properties such as stiffness and tensile strength. Polypropylene is both tough and flexible,



The second important characteristic is that this plastic compound has excellent memory properties with good resistance to fatigue (ability to self-recover-Polypropylene retains its shape after a lot of torsion, bending, and/or flexing) which enable it to absorb impact force and return to its original shape without damage time after time without reduction in its ability to self-repair over time.

You can expect a life span of at least 70 years for Polypropylene as it breaks down when exposed to sunlight- but once installed in the concrete you increase the expected lifespan considerably. To protect the exposed lip, you can use a ground cover that is slipped over the post falling to ground level, designed to protect lip from sunlight



Made from recycled petroleum waste, the production of polypropylene reduces environmental impact and is considered the most environmentally friendly plastic



The Smart Taper is designed using an age-old engineering principle referred to as the Morse Taper used in the metal work and mining industries for centuries. The design was to improve safety and efficiency when securing very large metal drill bits to ensure they did not become loose during operation because of the dirt, grit and constant vibrations (the Taper actually locks in tighter when the item is vibrating).

The taper is secured to the item using self-drilling screws provided and simply dropped into the ground socket using friction to "automatically" lock in with over 200 kg of locking capacity

The internal of the ground socket is tapered identically to the Smart Taper and uses friction to lock in tight (with over 200 kg of upward force required to remove the item from the socket).The world's top weightlifters cannot lift this



Because items are secured using friction they are perfectly aligned remaining safe and secure year after year. Items cannot become loose or unstable in the socket and dirt and grit does not adversely affect the locking action as it drops to the bottom of the ground socket rather than corroding onto the post. No pins or padlocks that can rust or break



Ergonomically designed tools (which provide both upward and downward force) enable all work to be conducted quickly and efficiently, reducing time on location and risk of damaging underground services, greatly reducing the risk of workplace injury. Because items are secured using friction, the tool works every-time: there is even a sheared post attachment for the removal of sheared off posts. Smart tools enable all work to be conducted from a standing position, facing on-coming traffic, great improving workplace safety. Winner Department of Health and Safety Worksafe Award for addressing the major causes of workplace injury:

  • Body stressing
  • Substantially reducing time spent working in traffic, and
  • Eradicating the risk of disturbance to underground services

An installation tool can be used to install ground socket

  • When items are not ready to install
  • for heavy items
  • in windy conditions
  • or when you do not have time to wait for concrete to cure

Smart Installation tools enable installation of ground sockets from a standing position facing traffic, substantially improving workplace safety