Smart Technology

What makes them so SMART?

It begins with theSmart Plastic

The Smart Sustainable Foundations are made from what is referred to as "Smart Plastic" that has memory properties that enable it to absorb impact and return to its original shape without damage

Because of its structure, isotactic polypropylene has the highest crystallinity, resulting in good mechanical properties such as stiffness and tensile strength. 



Smart Locking mechanism

The Smart taper-lock uses a very Smart, very simple locking principle (The Morse Taper principle which enables items to "automatically" lock in using no breakable components (nothing to break)

The internal of the socket is tapered so the taper locks in securely every time and this ensures water, dirt, and grit do not adversely affect the locking action


+ How do posts lock into the Socket "automatically"?

The Smart Taper is designed using an age-old engineering principle referred to as the Morse Taper. The Self-locking Morse Taper was designed for metal drill bits to ensure they did not become loose during operation because of dirt, grit and constant vibration, the Taper actually locks in tighter when the item is vibrating,from impact, wind or vandal.

The internal of the ground socket is tapered identically to the Smart Taper and uses friction to lock in tight (with over 200 kg of upward force required to remove the item from the socket). Items cannot become loose or unstable in the socket and dirt and grit does not adversely affect the locking action



+ What happens when items are impacted?

If impacted posts bend at ground level and are simply levered out using the foot tool or base of the industrial tool.  If a post is sheared off there's a tool for that too


Made from recycled waste

Made from recycled petroleum waste, the production of polypropylene actually reduces environmental impact and is considered the most environmentally friendly plastic. As it protects the surrounding foundations from the damage the use of the Smart Taper actually removes the need for ongoing supplies of carbon intensive concrete and paving- environmentally Smart.