Reduce cost of installing bollards

Install the bollards for an entire development in a single day

Instead of costing hundred per bollard and taking weeks to dig up the existing foundations to install bollards (causing irreversible damage and weakening the foundationsand dealing with troublesome underground services, now there's a better way...

Bollards secured using the Smart Impact Recovery System are able to absorb vehicle impact and self-recover so they can be surface mounted or installed from as shallow as 350 mm depth (avoiding underground services). You can install ground sockets by simply positioning upright when pouring the concrete foundations (creating a perfect finish) and bollards can be installed in literally seconds


Surface Mount

As Impact Recovery System substantially reduces the risk of damage to foundations when bollards are impacted you can safely surface mount your bollards

Shallow foundation

Ground socket can be installed from as shallow as 350 mm depth by simply using tools provided to position upright when pouring concrete foundations

Install bollards in seconds

Bollards are slipped over the Impact Recovery Rings and secured using a security stud. Hundreds of bollards can be installed in a single day.




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Smart Sustainable Foundations are designed and manufactured in Australia. International Patent pending and Trademarked