Ordering Impact Recovery Bollards


1. Select Bollard design

You can buy the Impact Recovery system to secure almost any bollard using the Impact Recovery System. We provide a range of steel, stainless steel and plastic bollards including stone look, marble look, laser cut designer bollards and internally lit bollards with solar lighting. Or use your own bollard.

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2. Select Rings

Simply selectt he size ring to fit the bollard (allowing for wall thickness)

Two options:

  1. Standard Impact Recovery Rings (bollard remains rigid and only deflects upon impact from vehicle)
  2. Super-flex Rings enable bollard to deflect upon low impact such as bike-rider.  

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3. Select Sustainable Foundation

  1. Surface Mount
  2. In-ground 350 mm
  3. In-ground 650 mm


Smart Surface Mount

Smart Surface Mount Standard or Super-flex. Reduce risk of damage to vehicles and expensive foundations. 

Smart In-ground

Smart In-ground Standard or Super-flex. Reduce risk of damage to vehicles and expensive foundations. 

Smart Safe-stop

Increase strength of internal core to 60 mm solid steel whoch will stop a passenger vehicle in its tracks. 


4. Select Internal Core

Two options:

  1. The standard Heavy Duty internal core will prevent vehicle access but can bend upon severe impact from a 4WD or heavy vehicle and need replacing
  2. For cafe strips and situations where a bollard bending beyond 20 degrees may cause problems, the strength of the internal core can be increased to 60 mm Solid steel to stop a passenger vehicle in it's tracks and prevent the internal core from bending

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  sustainable foundations


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