New works


Substantially reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of installing infrastructure. No delays or risk of cost overruns 

Ground sockets can be installed by simply positioning upright when pouring concrete footings and the infrastructure for an entire development can be installed in single day




Turn two jobs into one on new works. Instead of digging up newly laid foundations to install signage and road-side infrastructure, you can simply drop infrastructure into place in seconds.

No disturbance to traffic or public, no costly delays or penalty fees, no dial before you dig, no digging or heavy labour, no additional concrete required, no paving problems, no tipping fees, no traffic management, no temporary signage and the finish is superb!


  • Improve safety
  • Improve efficiency
  • Save time and money
  • Create a perfect finish
  • Items are perfectly aligned
  • Items are installed in seconds
  • No disturbance to traffic or public
  • Overcome a multitude of problems
  • Preserve the integrity of foundations
  • Improve the lifespan of your development
  • Save day 1 and continue saving for decades


Ground sockets can be installed by simply positioning upright when pouring concrete footings, greatly improving safety and efficiency and the finish is perfect. Items automatically lock in and are perfectly aligned safe and secure.




civil works



Foundations remain in pristine condition and response to infrastructure failures is fast & efficient. All work is conducted from a standing position, using ergonomic tools, facing on-coming traffic. 





safety assurance


Take the complex job of infrastructure maintenance and make it simple.

"Efficiency in infrastructure investment must form a central focus for Australia’s governments, as they seek to close the infrastructure gap. After all, each dollar saved by eliminating cost overruns and inefficiencies can be invested in new, productive infrastructure.”




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Smart Sustainable Foundations are designed and manufactured in Australia. International Patent pending and Trademarked