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ZERO WASTE Foundations are approved for use on WA State Road projects 

Sustainable Foundations can be used to secure signage, grab rails and bollards


"The Taper-lock method (ZERO WASTE Foundations) for fixing the sign post may be used as an alternative by core drilling the surface (or removing the pavers to install the socket in the case of a paved area). The method of installation shall be as recommended by the manufacturer."






ZERO WASTE Foundations are approved for use on NSW State Road projects 

  • The use of this device is permitted, subject to:
  • The device supporting a post in a stable vertical position under service conditions
  • Presenting no additional hazard beyond that inherent with the use of 50 Nominal Bore (60.O.D.) steel posts
  • Preventing the unauthorized removal of posts
  • Facilitating the removal and replacement of posts following damage or when otherwise required
  • The device requiring specialized tools for signpost removal, and
  • The device being used strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions

Chris Ford [Bob O'Keefe/ Ross Walsh] RTA 1/3/2000

The Smart Sustainable Foundations meet these requirements 





ZERO WASTE Foundations are approved for use on Qld Main Roads projects


Extract Design Guide Roadside signs p51

8.2.2 Sign posts
For signs less than 1m² in area, the post size is generally 50NB x 3.2mm CHS. Refer to Appendix. B for determination of post sizes suitable for larger signs or heights.

8.2.5 Posts in sleeves
There are certain situations where it is advisable to install the post into a sleeve inserted into the footing, such as:
1. Where a sign is located on an urban median strip where it may be struck frequently.
2. Where it may need to be removed occasionally, to accommodate the swept path of over-dimensioned vehicles when turning.

This arrangement is only appropriate for small posts up to 50mm nominal bore (60 O.D. CHS Posts). Details of a typical sleeve assembly are presented in Drawing No. 1368 (Appendix D). Variations on the basic theme are just as effective. "I would consider that your Smart Sustainable Foundations have an 'as-of-right' approval on this basis" John .C.Douglas Qld MR




ZERO WASTE  Foundations are approved for use on Vic Roads projects. 

"We have no objection to the use of the Smart Taper-lock (ZERO WASTE Foundations) on roadworks provided the system is used consistently with Vic Roads specifications". John Eldridge 2001. Relevant Vic Roads specifications include Standard Specification Section 714.





ZERO WASTE  Foundations are approved for use on SA Road projects.

SA Letter of Approval



DOH&S Worksafe Award for successfully addressing the major causes of workplace injury

  • Body stressing
  • Working in traffic
  • Disturbance to underground services