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Sustainable roads and pavements

 You can buy every-day grab-rails, but we highly recommend installing grab-rails on Smart Sustainable Foundations reducing the cost of installation  and maintenance and greatly improving efficiency. MRWA Approved


You can install grab rails by simply positioning upright when pouring concrete footings, creating a perfect finish, or retrofit to heal existing developments one foundation at a time

Because Smart Sustainable Foundations are made using a new-age Smart Plastic that self-heals, foundations remain re-usable impact after impact and you continue saving for decades


Response to infrastructure failures is fast and efficient. Ergonomic removal tools are used to remove damaged items from a standing position, facing on-coming traffic. All work is conducted  quickly and efficiently without disturbance to public or underground services 

Take this complex job and make it simple, by eradicating the many variables that can ruin any well planned budget


Instead of costing hundreds for every replacement (unless you hit underground cables or a worker is injured- you will be looking at thousands), the only cost is labour and you continue saving for decades!

No on-going consumption or waste. No dangerous delays and absolutely no variables - substantially reducing the risk of cost overruns and you continue to save for decades! 

Join us in building a better future. "Smart Sustainable Foundations allow quick replacement of items with no further effort required to the base and reduce the risk of injury to employees by reducing time spent exposed to traffic. Our selection is not based on price alone; we also took into consideration the saving aspects.”  Main Roads WA 

“Efficiency in infrastructure investment must form a central focus for Australia’s governments, as they seek to close the infrastructure gap. After all, each dollar saved by eliminating cost overruns and inefficiencies can be invested in new, productive infrastructure.” Options for Reform Report


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Smart Sustainable Foundations are designed and manufactured in Australia. International Patent pending and Trademarked

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