How it works

IMPACT TESTED UP TO 110KMPH Unlike metal devices, ZERO WASTE foundations protect the surrounding foundations and paving with no reduction in locking capacity following multiple impacts, and are suitable for any speed zones



ZERO WASTE Unbreakable Foundations are made using advanced new-age polymers (previously only used in the aerospace industry)that were chosen for their unique properties, being resistant to impact and stressing

With excellent memory properties this compound retains its' shape after a lot of torsion, bending, and/or flexing and the built-in memory allows the socket to reform repeatedly following impact 

When a damaged post is removed, the ground socket returns to its original shape without wear or tear, protecting the surrounding concrete and paving from damage for the entire lifespan of a development.

Impact tested to prove no damage following multiple impacts at low and high speed







This is where it gets really Smart! A "Self-locking Taper" is attached to the item using self-drilling screws provided, and the item is secured in the ground socket using only friction (no breakable components such as pins or padlocks are needed to lock items in). 

This ensures infrastructure is not only easy to install, but is perfectly aligned. Unlike metal devices, dirt, grit, wind and rain do not adversely affect the locking action, so items remain safe and secure year after year. Impact  tested to prove no diminished capacity following multiple impacts at low and high speed







A tool is provided to enable installation of sockets from a standing position.

A leverage tool is hooked around the base of the post and a jerking action applied to release the lock and remove the item from the ground socket.

All work is conducted quickly and efficiently from a standing position - tools work every time (we even have a tool for sheared off posts) 

The only cost for installing & maintaining infrastructure, is labour