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"In today's market for companies to have a fighting chance of enduring success, they can no longer be half-hearted or tentative about sustainability" REUTERS 


Improve your profit margins

No need to invest in an entirely new range of products to meet the growing demand for sustainable products, our low cost, "add-on products" transform every-day posts, barriers, street furniture and bollards into sustainable items of infrastructure into sustainable items and provide you with additional income for each sale

No major investment required

If you have a registered business, you can gain access to our wholesale pricing. Simply log in to create an account and you're in business. No major cash outlay required- you don't even have to carry stock to start making money as we can drop-ship items for you. We even offer stock on consignment (Conditions Apply)



In an age of rapid urbanization, ageing infrastructure and depleting resources, the need has never been greater for sustainable solutions


We want you to succeed, so we offer up to 40% profit margins. Pricing is on sliding scale - we believe the more you sell, the more you should be rewarded!


With nothing like it on the market- once clients have tried ZERO WASTE Foundations there’s no going back- you have customers for life.


It's not a job

Selling civil supplies is not just a job anymore, it's grown into something far more important - I delight in seeing our cities grow increasingly sustainable and efficient. By joining us, you will have a positive and lasting impact on our planet and make money for yourself and your clients, whilst helping to build a better future. 

It really is a no-brainer!

At last sustainability makes good business sense! It really is a no-brainer. Clients either repeatedly replace valuable concrete footings over and over again for the next 100 years, or save that money to invest in further improvements, so our cities grow increasingly sustainable and efficient. Just like a Rolls-Royce our ZERO WASTE Foundations are designed to last a lifetime, but come with a surprisingly small price tag!


  • Low cost

  • Save clients money day 1

  • Provide massive on-going savings for generations

  • Provide you with happy, repeat customers for life


Become a Zero Hero and help build a better future


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