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  • 1 x 350 mm Self-healing Ground Socket
  • 1 x Self-locking Taper
  • 1 x Cap
  • Self-drilling Screws

    Tools required
    No replacement parts required


SSF350 Complete unit 350 mm 25 units $30.00  [400 x 400 x 400 mm]
SGS350 Ground Socket 350 mm 25 units $15.00  [400 x 400 x 400 mm]
STAPER Taper-lock only NA 100 units $15.00 [380 x 560 x 350 mm]

  • NB: Prices do not include GST or delivery. Quantity Discounts available for annual orders. You order 4 x batches of 250 units to be dispatched quarterly and get a discount of 20%       



    Boxes are 400 mm x 400m x 400 mm

    • 1 Box of Complete units weighs 12 kg
    • 1 Box of Ground Sockets weighs 8 kg
    • 1 Box of Tapers & Screws weighs 15 kg


    Depth of Ground socket

    REDUCING DEPTH TO AS SHALLOW AS 150 MM: To reduce depth to as shallow as 150 mm for solid concrete footpaths, carparks and traffic islands, you can truncate sockets at any horizontal rib, (Taper must be reduced in length to fit ground socket)


    INCREASING DEPTH TO 650 MM OR MORE: To extend depth by 300 mm increments you need to truncate the bottom of one ground socket and insert into the top of a complete ground socket (You need 1 x  box complete 350 mm units and 1 x box of ground sockets). Sockets lock in using horizontal ribs - no adhesive required




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