Impact Recovery Bollards

Steel, stainless steel, plastic, stone look in-ground and surface mount bollards, removable, non-conducitve, traffic, car-park, bike-path and designer bollards can all be made to self-recover from impact, improving safety and saving thousands over the lifespan of development  

impact recovery bollards

When impacted, something's gotta give!

impact bollard

It's just common sense - without some form of shock absorbing mechanism every time an in-ground or surface mounted bollard is impacted both the bollard and surrounding foundations need replacing, (consuming valuable resources) and costing you thousands over the life of a development



We have a simple low cost, re-usable solution!

impact recover bollard

Used by all major cities in WA to make both in-ground and surface mount bollards impact resistant, (using no springs) improving safety and reducing risk of damage to vehicles

Both the bollard and the surrounding foundations become re-usable impact after impact, saving valuable resources and saving you thousands over the lifespan of development  



The Smart Impact Recovery System

perth bollardsInstead of paying thousands for Smart bollards - you can use the re-usable Impact Recovery System to secure every-day steel, stainless steel, plastic, stone look or designer bollards on either in-ground or surface mount foundations.

Bollards remain rigid and cannot be deflected by hand - so appear to be every-day inground or surface mounted bollards, but when impacted by a vehicle the Smart Impact Recovery Rings absorb the impact force, allowing the bollard to deflect up to 20 degrees and (unlike sping loaded bollards that over-delfect, and wear out over time) slowly safely self-recover impact after impact, year after year.

Options Available- see below

 Either purchase the Impact Recovery System to secure your own  150 mm steel or  168 mm stainless steel bollards or buy the Impact Recovery System and Bollard from us (large range) - your choice,



safety bike path bollardsLow Impact Option

Solid steel Bollards were creating a dangerous litigation risk for Main Roads Dept who came to Smart Urban for a solution that would reduce risk of injury and only allow access to authorised vehicles 

We developed the Low Impact Safety Bollards which use the Super-flex Impact Recovery System to prevent vehicle entry and enable bollards to deflect upon low impact (such as bike riders) and slowly self -recover, reducing the risk of injury to bike riders and substantially reducing the on-going cost of maintenance





High impact

Smart Sure-stop Bollards are secured on more substantial foundations which are protected from damage by another two shock absorbers below ground.

Smart Sustainable Foundations remain protected from damage impact after impact. No digging or heavy labour, no concrete or carbon waste.

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