Impact Recovery Bollards

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Have you ever wondered why bollards are not designed to be impact resistant? Costing cities hundreds of thousands in constant repairs and upgrades, creating litigation risks and wasting valuable resources. We have developed the world's first sustainable means of making every-day bollards impact resistant, removable and re-usable impact after impact, saving valuable carbon resources and saving you thousands over the life of a development   


Impact Recovery

Bollards are secured on Smart Sustainable Foundations using Impact Recovery Rings that absorb impact force, deflecting up to 20 degrees and self recovering. Beyond 20 degrees the bollard will fail but the bollard, foundations, and impact recovery rings are re-usable year after year

Surface Mount

Bollards are secured on a re-usable base plate. The bollard absorbs impact force, deflecting up to 20 degrees and self recovering. 
Beyond 20 degrees the internal core will fail, and need replacing. The foundations, bollard, impact recovery rings and even base plates are re-usable


Traditional In-ground Bollard

When a bollard installed directly in concrete is impacted either the bollard bends or foundations are damaged.There is no good outcome.

Traditional Surface mount Bollard

When an every-day surface mounted bollard is impacted either the bollard bends, the base plate bends or foundations are ripped up - either way both the bollard and foundations need replacing. 


Attempts to make bollards impact resistant have resulted in flexible plastic or spring loaded bollards that are almost useless as they provide no resistance and quickly wear out, we have a simple solution that prevents vehicle access, enables every day bollards to become impact resistant and re-usable impact after impact, year after year. Little wonder this system is used by all major cities in WA


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 * Innovator of the Year   * DOH&S Worksafe Award  *Smart Sustainable Foundations Made from 100% Recycled petroleum waste    * Patented technology 


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