Because Smart Sustainable Foundations create a protective shield in the concrete- there is no limit to the size or weight of item you can secure. The more widespread Smart Sustainable Foundations, the more dynamic a city becomes

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Make items interchangeable

  • Additional "Self-locking Tapers" can be purchased to install multiple items in the same ground socket
  • Additional "Ground sockets" can be installed to enable the same item to be relocated to several locations or for storage of items
  • "Caps" are provided with every unit and we can also supply stainless steel caps and ground covers




 Traffic/ Parking signs

You can install traffic and parking signposts from small keep left signposts through to large double posted signs- no limit. Refer MRWA Spec 601.   Keep Left signs can be installed from 150 mm depth in solid concrete islands and footpaths. 


Any size or weight

Because Smart Sustainable Foundations create a protective shield in the concrete- there is no limit to the size or weight of item you can secure. Large double signs can be secured from 350 mm depth.




You can install Grab-rails on Smart Sustainable Foundations quickly and efficienctly which ensures they are perfectly aligned, reminaing safe and secure year after year. MRWA Approved


MRWA Traffic Bollards

Removable bollards designed for Highways. Continue working year after year – Low cost, fast adn efficient to install and maintain. The most durable removable bollards you can get


Perimiter Bollards

Smart 60 mm Bollards can be removed for access or maintenance or upgrades. Keep working year after year. Available in steel or stainless steel. Can be made removable using foot tool


Street Furniture and Bins

Secure bins, street art and other items of street furniture making items relocatable and interchangeable - excellent for events or close to ocean where items rust out regularly.

Barriers and Bike Racks

Great for barriers as they are quickly installed for events, can be relocated quickly or removed and capped off. Barriers remain firm and secure - much safer than temporary barriers. Install sockets in multiple locations and install barriers when needed. When not in use sockets can be capped off

Tables and seating

Seating can be installed for events, and relocated for different seasonal requirements, events and upgrades. Tables for cafes remain stable even on uneven ground and can not be moved outside council boundaries.



Seasonal barriers (fencing) can be installed and removed as required. At Hillary’s Marina showground fence is removed in winter and capped off - no trip factors. fences remain secure and safe year after year.


Street art & statues

Secure street art and you can alternate it, update it for events or seasons, or simply move items around the city to keep your city dynamic and interesting


Large Steel Bollards

Large Steel Bollards (Std units safety yellow but we can manufacture in any colour) can be secured using the Impact Recovery System making bollards and surrounding foundations re-usable impact after impact. 


Stainless Steel Bollards

Quality Stainless steel Bollards made using heavy duty Australian Stainless steel. Can be solar lit and  can be secured using the In-ground or Surface Mount Impact Recovery System making bollards self-recover, re-usable impact after impact. Shown here City of Perth surface mount bollards


Durable Poly Bollards

Poly low impact bollards are safe and durable option for carparks as they wont scratch vehicles, or chip. Available in range of colours including stone look grey and brown. Very easy to use, they look great and are economical. These can also be used as low-cost bollard covers.


Designer Laser-cut Bolllards

We can design these bollards to suit your project or you can purchase from our standard designs. Shown here are rust-loook bollards with cut-out designs and solar lighting- that allow light to eminate creating beautiful plays of light. These can also be used as bollard covers.


Safety Low Impact Bike Path Bollards

Poly low impact bollards are excellent for bike paths, using Super-flex Impact Recovery Rings to enable bollards to deflect upon low impact (such as bike rider) and slowly self-recover. Unlike most flexible bollards, these bollards prevent vehicle entry


Safe-stop and Sure-stop Bollards

Steel or stainless steel Bollards can be secured using a solid steel 60 mm internal core to bring a passenger vehicle to a stop or a 114 solid core + shock abosrbing foundations for ram raid situations.


Large Shock absorbing Sustainable Foundations 


 114 mm Columns are made to absorb impact force and be replaced quickly and efficiently using a hiab, without the need for heavy labour or disturbance to foundations – greatly reducing delays and risk of injury. Sure-stop bollards are secured on the same foundations.


Re-locatable concrete footings

Smart Sustainable foundations are embedded in a concrete footing with lifting bars making infrastructure and entire footings removable and re-usable.  Designed for Rio Tinto who wanted to re-use concret footings when relocating mine sites leaving behind Zero carbon footprint. Also good for coastal regions where tides and rust cause havoc