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Substantially improve efficiency and reduce the cost of installing MRWA signage. 

Unit includes 

  • 1 x 60 O.D. CHS Sign-post
  • Powder Coated Safety Yellow
  • Sign attached to post
  • Sustainable Foundation
  • Taper attached 
  • Re-usable brackets

Tools required (MRWA Urban and SW maintenance teams have tools)

Improve efficiency

Now you can install the signs for an entire development in a single day- providing a superior finish and saving you thousands



Installation tool required. MRWA maintenance teams have removal tools.

"Smart Sustainable Foundations allow quick replacement of items with no further effort required to the base and reduce the risk of injury to employees by reducing time spent exposed to traffic. Our selection is not based on price alone; we also took into consideration the saving aspects.”  Main Roads WA 

MRWA Specs

MRWA Approved refer spec 601.

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