Post CHS

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  • Galvanised CHS Pipe
  • Can be powder coated
  • 50 mm Nominal Bore
  • 60 mm Outside Diameter
  • Length 3.2 mm 
  • Sold in Packs of 37 Lengths
  • From $8.00 per metre


MRWA Specs

MRWA Approved refer spec 601.

To encourage sustainability MRWA has approved the use of CHS posts for securing traffic signage in all regions  Main Roads Spec 601. Ask us for price comparison with RHS

mrwa signs

  • 150 - 350 mm depth in solid concrete footpaths and traffic islands
  • 350 mm Deep in paved areas
  • 650 mm for large double posted signs and free-standing signposts

Improve efficiency

Now you can install sign-posts on Smart Sustainable Foundations greatly improving safety and efficiency. MRWA Approved