Stainless Steel Surface Mount

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Simply smarter more sustainable Surface Mount Bollards are re-usable impact after impact
  • Heavy Duty Bollards
  • Stainless Steel HD Pipe 
  • Surface Mount 
  • 168 mm Diameter
  • 1200H
  • Flat cap
  • Reflective Stripe (optional)
  • Heavy Duty re-usable Base plate
  • Solar lighting optional

Bollards can be surface mounted using the Impact Recovery System making the bollard and surrounding foundations re-usable impact after impact, saving thousands over the lifespan of a development


  • Surface Mount Stainless steel 168 Pipe Bollard 1200 H (includes welded base plate - not re-usable) 
  • Impact Recovery Stainless steel 168 Pipe Bollard 1200 H (Base plate and bollard re-usable impact after impact)

    Impact Recovery

    Bollard and base plate re-usable impact after impact

    Bollards are rigid and will only deflect upon impact from a vehicle. The Impact Recovery System enables bollards to absorb impact from vehicle and slowly self-recover. If badly impacted the internal core may need replacing (low cost) the base plate and bollard are re-usable.




    Beware Asian imported stainless is very weak and will not last as long as Australian stainless steel. Tube is much cheaper than pipe, although tube is thin walled and NOT suitable for bollards. Click here for info