Bollard Stone 190 mm

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Smart Polyethylene bollards provide a safe and durable alternative to solid stone or marble bollards. They look superb - like a solid stone bollard, yet far more durable than stone, at a fraction of the cost

    • 190 Ø
    • 1200 H
    • 1 X Durable Plastic bollard
    • Stone look (brown or grey)
    • 5 mm wall thickness
    • Dome Safety cap

    Can be secured directly in-ground (can concrete fill) or used as bollard covers (Fits perfectly over a 150 N.B / 165 O.D Steel Bollard and secured using tape. On;y removable by drilling a small hole through side of bollard to break the seal)

    Other Lengths Available

    • 1200 H (Bollard cover)
    • 1500 (In-ground option)
    • 600 (pine logs)

    Highly durable

    • Won't dent
    • Won't chip
    • Won't rust
    • Reduce risk of damage to vehicles
    • Continue looking good year after year