Impact Recovery System Surface Mount

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Smart Impact Recovery System enable bollards to become impact resistant making base plate and bollards re-usable impact after impact. Bollards remain rigid but deflect upon vehicle impact and slowly self-recover, saving thousands of the lifespan of a development

Unit includes

  • Heavy Duty Base plate
  • Zinc plated (shiny silver) 
  • 1 x Internal core 3.6 wall
  • 300H
  • Securing stud
  • 2 x Impact Recovery Rings
  • 2 x HD Steel Clamps
  • 4 x Concrete anchors (recessed)

*Bollard purchased separately- Rings are provided to fit the Bollard design you choose - see below for options




Bollards, by their very nature, are prone to impact, but when impacted, something's got to give, so unless you use some form of shock absorbing mechanism -  you will need to replace the bollard and base plate, or concrete footings impact after impact.

We have a simple solution


Bollard Design

Use to secure steel, stainless steel, plastic, stone or marble look, solar lit, designer, or even laser cut bollard - Large range available



Super-flex Impact Recovery System is more flexible than the standard Impact Recovery System, designed for securing Safety bike path bollards and will deflect up to 20 degrees upon low impact such as bike rider and slowly self-recover


All you need is an Allen key and screw driver. If you want to use security stud to protect bollard from unauthorised removal you will need security stud removal bit.