Impact Recovery System Super-flex

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Super-flex Impact Recovery System is designed to improve safety on bike paths (we recommend in-ground for this application as bollards can be removed leaving no trip factors).

The Super-flex Impact Recovery System uses more flexible Impact Recovery Rings, that enable bollards to deflect upon low impact (such as bike rider) and slowly self-recover

Unit includes

  • 350 or 650 mm Smart Sustainable Foundation
  • 1 x Internal core 3.6 wall
  • Smart Self-locking Taper
  • 2 HD Steel Clamps
  • 2 x Super-flex Impact Recovery Rings 

    *Bollard purchased separately- Super-f;ex rings only avaiable to fit 150mm Low Impact Poly Bollards





    Bollards, by their very nature, are prone to impact, but when impacted, something's got to give, so unless you use some form of shock absorbing mechanism -  you will need to replace the bollard and base plate, or concrete footings impact after impact.

    We have a simple solution


    Super-flex Impact Recovery Rings

    Super-flex Impact Recovery System enables bollards to deflect up to 20 degrees upon low impact such as bike rider and slowly self-recover

    Impact Recovery Rings are purchased separately. You require 2 rings per bollard (includes securing clamp). 


    Bollard Design

    Used to secure 150 mm plastic (polyethylene) bollards. Standard units Safety yellow with safety dome top, but can be made in large range of colours and designs including stone or marble look. Contact us for colour chart


    Internal posts are  removable using the ergonomically designed tool that enables removal of items from a standing position facing on-coming traffic. Foot tool available for flattened and modfied internal core. Sheared post removal tool attachment included. Installation tool available.