Building sustainable roads

the solution isn’t more money

Australia has a road system of over 800,000 kilometres, worth over $100 billion. A great deal of it is in poor condition and maintenance spending is already unable to cope with the growing demand. 

The floods that have afflicted many parts of Australia in the past two years have highlighted the poor condition of Australia’s road network. Emergency flood relief funds will expend many hundreds of millions to restore the roads and road-side infrastructure afflicted by floods. But is this efficient, every time Australia has a flood?

Our road infrastructure is degrading rapidly and our population is growing at an unprecedented rate which will compound these problems. The current linear approach to maintenance provides no future benefit so as our population ages and taxpayer funds decline, the problem will only intensify. Policy inaction now will cost future generations dearly.

The answer is not to pour more money into the problem year after year, with all this work providing no future benefit. We urgently need a focus on implementing long-term solutions to improve the resilience and reduce the cost of maintaining our roads and vital road-side infrastructure.


We have a simple sustainable solution for making our roadside infrastructure, pavements and traffic islands sustainable, substantially improving the safety and efficiency of our roads and saving millions over the lifespan of a development.

roadside infrastructure


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